Governance and Conversion

The Governance of the Multiple Academy Trust (MAT) is crucial to success. The Governance and Converting Process document details Members of the Academy Trust and their roles, Governors and their role with an example hierarchy and the conversion process in order to set up a complete, working Multiple Academy Trust.

OWLS Governance Structure Document with Terms of Reference – March 2017

OWLS Governance Structure Document with Terms of Reference – Sept 2016

Streamlined Governors Handbook – Sept 2016

OWLS Trust Policy Review Timetable – Sept 2016

Governance and Conversion Documents: 1

Governance and Conversion Process

Chart for Performance Management

Change of Company Name to OWLS

Governance and Conversion Documents: 2


Commercial Transfer Agreement

Deed of Variation of Funding Agreement

Exemption from Requirement as to use of Limited on Change of Name

Finance Due Diligence Checklist: March 2016

Glenmere Supplemental Funding Agreement

Key Performance Indications for OWLS Academy Trust: March 2016

Little Hill Lease Version 6 Provided by LCC

Little Hill Supplemental Funding Agreement

Notice of Change of Name by Resolution

OWLS Master Funding Agreement

Summary of SLAs and Contracts

Twenty Questions for All Governing Bodies

Written Resolution to Change Name and Adopt New Articles

Governance and Conversion Documents: 3

Academy Articles of Association – Sept 2016

Commercial Transfer Agreement: Fernvale – Sept 2016

Supplemental Funding Agreement: Fernvale – Sept 2016

Written Resolution to Adopt New Articles – Sept 2016

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for OWLS: Local Governing Body – May 2016

Code of Conduct for OWLS: Members – May 2016

Code of Conduct for OWLS: Trust Board – May 2016