Finance and Policies 2017/2018


Accounting Policies

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

Central Funds Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Debt Recovery Policy

Expense Claim Form

Finance Manual and Policies

Funding Strategy Policy

Governors Allowance Policy

Lettings Policy

Managing a Deficit Budget

Procurement Policy

Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

Request for Quote for Services

Request for Quote Template

Schools in Deficit Protocol Form

Special Payments Policy

Staff Expenses: Purchasing Policy

Staff Overseas Travel Policy

The School Bus Budget Deficit Plan Flowchart

Write off and Asset Disposal

HR – Human Resources

Amplification Policy

Appeals Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Capability Policy

Close Personal Relationships Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

Family Leave Policy

Flexible Working Application Form

Flexible Working Policy

Grievance Policy

Guidance: Equal Opportunities

Guidance: Fixed Term Contracts

Guidance: Flexible Working

Guidance: Job Sharing

Guidance: Prevention of Illegal Working

Leave of Absence Policy

Org Change Policy

Performance Management Policy

Probation Period Support Staff Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Support Staff Pay Policy

Therapeutic Return Procedure

Whistle Blowing Policy

H&S – Health and Safety

Contractors Policy

Critical Incident Policy

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Premises Management Policy

Staff Wellbeing

Vehicle Policy


Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Data Protection Policy

E-Security Policy

Extremism and Anti Radicalisation Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Invacuation, Lockdown and Evacuation Policy

Safeguarding Policy: Trust

Scheme of Delegations

OWLS School Improvement Strategy

Safer Recruitment Policy – Trust Wide

Security Breach Mgt Plan and Policy

Statement of Intent Accessibility

Pupil and Parent

Complaints Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Equality Information and Objectives Policy

Equality Objectives Statement

Exclusion Policy

More Able Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

New Policies/Documents Added

Deficit Budgets Policy

Guidance: Leave of Absence

MAT Trustees Work Schedule

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulations

Scheme for Financing Schools

Tracking my Digital Footprint

All Policies are reviewed annually by the trust during our policy review days in the summer term.