Dates of Meetings

Provisional Governors Dates: 2017/2018

Provisional Head Teacher Dates: 2017/2018

Week beginning Monitoring Assessments and Evaluation Schedule Finances
Teacher Day – 22/08/17 Each school own planning  
Teacher Day -23/08/17 Trust Presentation and Guest Speaker (Adam Wright)  – 8.30 to 12.30 RSM audit planning – 3 days commencing 22nd August. Preparation of statutory accounts.
28/08/2017 • Prepare schedules for audit

LCC Audit for Trust and all Schools.


04/09/2017 SLT Heads of 5 schools meeting

Fire drill practise at each school

• Accounts to 31 August year-end closed

• Prepare schedules for audit



Headteacher Reports and KPI

Headteachers reports to CEO

Trust Finance Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 2.00pm

TP Audit – Submittal 29.9.17

18/09/2017  SLT Heads performance Management – week


Lesson Observations for staff to start

TA observations start


02/10/2017 ( Performance management week) –  Targets – GB meeting

TT +Assessment

• Land & Building valuations for   recently opened academies

• New academies should notify EFA   (if deferring first set of accounts)

• First Pupil Premium payment   (paid in April to March financial years)

• Autumn Census, this will determine   future funding

• External Audit Commences

• EFA publishes details of Condition     Improvement Funding (CIF)


Final audit – 8 days commencing 2nd October

2nd – 4th October – Little Hill and Fernvale

5th – 9th October – Langmoor and Glenmere

10th October – Follow up visit – Little Hill and Fernvale

11th October – Follow up visit – Langmoor and Glenmere


09/10/2017  SLT SEN Review week/targets & GT registers  –

Parents evening 10th/11th

Heads of 5 schools meeting

16/10/2017 Half term October 16th  – 20th
23/10/2017  SLT SEF match and planning

Trust Moderation Literacy – Tuesday 12th

30/10/2017 2 Day Peer review school A – Hinckley Parks
06/11/2017  SLT Test Week  –

Safeguarding Monitoring with governors completed from governor visits booklet.

• First Primary Sports Grant payment

• Summer School Grant payment

• Workforce Census

• Audit Committee Reviews Accounts

• Board to approve accounts

13/11/2017 Raise online – ASP – Data  match and planning
20/11/2017  SLT 2 Day Peer review school B – Little Hill
27/11/2017 Joint Moderation staff meeting Mathematics

Across Trust Tuesday 28th

Full Trustees meeting Monday, November 27th 2017 Lang 6pm
11/12/2017  SLT Target Tracker + Assessment  – individual school – Tracking • Closing date for CIF applications

• Submit Audited Accounts and Auditors    Management Letter to EFA

18/12/2017 Heads of 5 schools meeting
School closes Wednesday 20th December and reopens  9th January for children  inset day – 8th Jan  
Week beginning Staff Meetings – Spring Term 2018 Finances
08/01/2018  SLT Teachers: Inset Day 8th  January  – Safeguarding

Fire drill practise at each school

• Audited accounts and supporting     documents published on trust website

• Spring Census, will determine   Pupil Premium • Second  Pupil Premium payment

15/01/2018 SEN – with in each school


Lesson observations to start

TA observations start

AGM Monday January 15th 2018 Langmoor 6.00pm

Finance Trustees meeting Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 2.00pm


22/01/2018  SLT  2 Day Peer review school Fernvale
29/01/2018 Science – each school

Headteachers reports and KPI

Headteacher reports to CEO

Heads of 5 schools meeting

• Annual Accounts Return (AAR)   to be submitted to EFA


05/02/2018 SLT Joint Moderation meeting Literacy – Across Trust Tuesday 6th • EFA will issue funding allocations   for next academic year
Half term February 12th – 16th
19/02/2018 SLT 2 Day Peer review school D – Glenmere
26/02/2018 GB meeting 6.00pm – Test week    – Joint staff meeting Maths Moderation – Tuesday 27th
05/03/2018 SLT (Performance management week) Coordinator Bids, Target – Tracking –

Headteacher Mid-term reviews

•Year 7 Catch-Up Premium Paid

• New academies or new academies   joining a MAT may need to prepare   March Accounts Return

• EFA publishes details on Budget   Forecast Return

12/03/2018 Parents Evening  Wednesday 14th  Thursday 15th  – Late Full Trustees meeting Monday, March 12th 2018 Lang 6pm


19/03/2018 SLT All Data in an uploaded -Reports

Heads of 5 schools meeting

School Closes Friday 23rd March  – Easter Break – School opens 9th April  
Week beginning Staff Meetings – Summer Term 2018 Finances
09/04/2018 SLT 2 Day Peer review school E – Langmoor

Fire drill practise at each school

Lock down annual practise – Letter to go out to parents

• Details of Teachers’ Pension Scheme Annual   Return published (July deadline)

• Details of Teachers’ Pension Scheme End   of Year Certificate published (May deadline)

• Local Government Pension Scheme year-end   return. Deadline determined by LGPS

• Third and final Pupil Premium payment

16/04/2018 Development plans – curriculum plans handed in – discussion – a Trust level
23/04/2018  SLT
30/04/2018 Reports May Bank Holiday
07/05/2018 SLT Lesson observations to start

TA observations start

•Companies House – Annual accounts   to be submitted for the trust

• New for 2018 – Budget Forecast   Return: Outturn (BFRO) submitted   to EFA by 18th May 2018


14/05/2018  Headteachers reports and KPI

Headteachers reports to CEO

Trust Policy annual review
21/05/2018 SLT  Heads of 5 schools meeting Prepare finance Performance Related pay for LGB and Trustees
Half term May 28th – 1st June
04/06/2018 SLT ANNUAL STRATEGIC HEADS DEVELOPMENT MEETING –Tuesday 5th • EFA publishes Accounts Direction  for accounting period ending 31 August

• EFA hosts webinars for academies   and auditors • Devolved Capital Grant Payment

• Ensure trust board approve budget   for following year; if a deficit budget is   being proposed the EFA should be advised


Finance meeting Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 2.00pm

11/06/2018 Joint staff meeting Maths Moderation – Tuesday 27th
18/06/2018 SLT update SEN & GT register
25/06/2018 Reports go out Full Trustees meeting Monday June 25th, 2018 Lang 6pm + Trustee’s/accountants
02/07/2018 SLT Tracking & Assessments SEN Meeting – Langmoor • EFA publishes Academies Financial    Handbook, effective from 1 September

• Details of Pupil Premium and Universal  Infant School Meals published. First    payments made

• Budget Forecast Return (BFR) for following  year submitted to EFA by 27th July 2018

09/07/2018 Documentation Passover –

Heads of 5 schools meeting

School annual policy review

• Fourth  Pupil Premium Payment

School closes on Thursday 12th July Summer break • EFA will publish details on the   Annual Accounts Return • Prepare for financial year-end

Provisional Dates: 2017/2018

Provisional Governors Dates: 2017/2018

Provisional Head Teacher Dates: 2017/2018