Admissions Policy Consultation (17th Dec 2018 – 28th Jan 2019)

The changes are proposed to take effect for first time admissions for entry September 2020 onwards and mid-term transfers from August 2020.

Proposed Admissions Policy
Admissions Policy – Sept 2020 onwards

Proposed Admissions Policy Consultation Documents
Consultation Document

Consultation Letter to Parents

Current Admissions Policy
Admissions Policy – Sept 2019 onwards

Proposed Admissions Policy
Proposal 1:

The admissions policy for New Lubbesthorpe Primary School should be incorporated into the single OWLS Academy Trust policy document, instead of this school having its own separate policy.

Proposal 2:
For Fernvale Primary School only: Subject to timescales for completion of proposed building work, the Admission Number for intake into the Foundation Stage should increase to 60 children from Autumn 2020 and be capped at this level. However, to ensure effective management of the phased expansion of the school, in year groups where the Admission Number was 30 or 45 at the time when a year group was first admitted to the school, then the school will only agree to exceed that number of children within that year group if: the child to be admitted lives within the catchment area; the application was made on time; the number of pupils in the year group has not yet reached 60; and the additional child can reasonably be accommodated within the operational capacity of the school, both in the year of admission and as the year group progresses through the school.

Catchment area maps for the schools within the Trust are below:

Fernvale Catchment Map

Glenmere Catchment Map

Hinckley Parks Catchment Map

Langmoor Catchment Map

Little Hill Catchment Map

New Lubbesthorpe Catchment Map