Teaching School Hub


We are delighted to welcome you to Leicester Teaching School (LeTS), part of The Mead Educational Trust and Rushey Mead Academy. In 2011, Rushey Mead Academy was one of only 100 schools nationally to be designated to become a National Teaching School. This status, which was initially only awarded to Outstanding Schools, means that together with an alliance of strategic partners, Rushey Mead Academy has responsibility for leading a self- improving school system in the local area and beyond; it has accepted a collective responsibility for the performance of the schools within the Alliance, not just its own.

The Teaching School has many strong NLEs, LLEs and SLEs who have all contributed to the improvement in outcomes for those young people attending the schools where their support has been implemented. The successes enjoyed by schools working collaboratively with each other have been wide ranging and are testimony to the ideology of a self-improving model.

Intent on expanding its capacity as well as maximising its potential for impact, LeTS was a founder member of EMSYH TSA, the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Humber Teaching Schools Alliance. Its members are all prominent Teaching Schools who themselves have realized that self-improvement does not only come from collaboration between schools, but also between alliances of schools.

Leicester Teaching School (LeTS) is not only committed to collaboration on a local level but its strategic partners are also members of Challenge Partners, a large group of schools around the country who believe that school improvement lies within collaborative groups.


Leicester & Leicestershire Teaching School Hub is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of Professional Learning Programmes for teachers, school leaders and governors. (See Link below)

Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

Good professional development lies at the heart of school improvement and succession planning within the schools.

Professional development opportunities are available for Early Careers Teachers - ECT's, recently qualified teachers, middle leaders, subject leaders, senior leaders and opportunities for developing the role of headship.

Staff across the schools have opportunities to support and work with each other to develop best practice.  


Inspiring Leaders


OWLS Trust is a proud partner of Inspiring Leaders, a collaborative network of Multi-Academy Trusts based in the East Midlands which focusses on helping MATs become strong and sustainable.


Formed in 2012 by a group of innovative and forward-thinking leaders, Inspiring Leaders has made a significant impact upon the lives of 1000's of children. A partnership built on trust and commitment has provided training for over 4000 School Leaders and trained over 450 new Teachers for regional schools. 


Inspiring Leaders provides MATs with a range of professional leadership and learning communities which (Insert MAT Name) both participates in and contributes. As a part of this partnership, OWLS Trust is able to learn from other organisations in the region and also develop improvements in our own work by forming close collaborative partnerships. This regional network enables OWLS Trust to remain abreast of policy developments and adapt our approach to best meet the needs of our school communities.